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SIM800 development board module GSM GPRS MMS SMS STM32 for

SIM800 development board module GSM GPRS MMS, SMS, STM32 for UNO  exceed SIM900A UNVSIM800 development board
The advantages of the board:
Serial interface circuit, TTL serial support STC89C51/52, STM32 and MSP430 single chip microcomputer.Need only 3 to 4 thread you'll be able to control.
Antenna circuit: three common antenna interface (SMA interface card board reserved not welding)

Two way power interface: DCIN GND, 5 v - 18 v dc power supply;3 v8 GND, 3.5-4.2 V power supply, suitable for lithium battery power supply applications.
Audio interface: increased by 3.5 MM audio interface, easily implement voice calls, voice broadcast, etc.
SIM booth: new mainstream type metal MICRO thrust booth, strong and durable.
LED indicator light: onboard necessary two LED indicators.Let you in real time indicator module working condition.
PCB show: each interface screen printing mark, convenient for secondary development, the design fully follow SIM800 / A hardware design manual.


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