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G1/2 Male Thread Brass Hall Effect Water Flow Sensor Flowmet

Product Name Water Flow Sensor Switch
Model SEN-HZ21WI
Type Hall Effect
Max Switch Current & Voltage 10mA, DC3-18V
Working Range 1-30L/min
Male Port Thread Dia(Each End) G1/2
Max. Pressure 1.75Mpa
Insulation Resistance 100M Ohm(Min.)
Total Size 44 x 27.5mm/ 1.7" x 1.1"(L*Max.W)
Cable Length 34cm/ 13.4"
Main Material Copper
Color Gold Tone, Black
Weight 78g
Package Content 1 x Water Flow Sensor Switch


  • When magnetic material is close with the sensor, its characteristics may vary.
  • In order to avoid particle debris, the sensor must be installed after a filter.
  • The flow sensor installation has to avoid strong vibration and shaking of the environment, so as not to affect the sensor's measurement accuracy.
  • Widely used in water industrial field, such as thermostatic water heater, water purifier, water dispenser, smart card equipment, coffee machine etc.
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