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DIY ZVS Tesla Coil Power Supply Boost Voltage Generator Driv

DIY ZVS Tesla Coil Power Supply Boost Voltage Generator Drive Board Induction Heating Module


Size: 74mm x 77mm
Input voltage: DC 12V-30V
Output: HVDC, About 800 times of input voltage
Power requirements: Less than 12V ≥ 5A, above 15V ≥ 15A
Operating frequency: 30kHz-50kHz adaptive
Secondary parameters: 5T + 5T

1. Using military FR4-A material 1.6mm double-board circuit board, power line extra add tin and optimizes line width of MOS tube drive circuit!
2. Using two IRFP250N power field pipe, large current, small internal resistance, super-power!
3. Using 1.25 copper wire large inductance, more stable performance.
4. Using 1% precision metal film resistors!
5. Use 25 * 24 * 16mm thick anti-static cooling!
6. Using MKP 0.33UF 1200V two parallel resonant capacitor for high frequency.

1. After finish the installltion, carefully check it and verify that all components soldered correctly
2. Please note that the positive and negative signs of input power, carefully check to prevent reverse burning plate
3. The test voltage is recommended for the low power 12v, prevent mis-wiring problems or cause burning plate
4. Drive board limit input is DC 30v, current 10A, not recommended using limits, do not long working under overvoltage and overcurrent conditions. Driver board is not suitable for induction heating, if you need induction heating, it is recommended input voltage 15v or less. For induction heating or long use high-power must need to add the cooling fan, if poor heat dissipation, it will result in MOS tube temperature is too high, will accelerate the aging of MOS tube even burn and other issues.

Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to have electronic knowledge and ability.( we can also offer completed product)

Package includes:
1 x ZVS Tesla Coil Power Supply Boost Voltage Generator
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