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DC12-24V to DC200-450V 70W High Voltage Converter Step Up Po

Size: 85 * 50 * 28mm
Input voltage: DC 9V -24V
Power: 70W

Have charging indicator light, when full filled with power the indicator light will lit.
Continuous working: 40W, intermittent work: 70W
Input voltage: DC 9V -24V (12V Input time, Maximum input current 7A or more)
Minimum input start voltage: 8.4V
With an input undervoltage protection, voltage less than 7.6V undervoltage protection, please use the 12V power supply current of 7A or more.
Output voltage: DC 450V output is voltage structure, the input voltage fluctuation, the output voltage constant
Reference charge time: When supply current under sufficient conditions, 1000UF capacitor charged to 450V ( reference charging time was 5 seconds)

Recommended Use:
12V power supply, more than 80W power supply, or about 7A power supply output capability, or lead-acid batteries, or without a protective plate 3 or 4 string 18650 battery. Not recommended for use with a multimeter 9V laminated battery.

Use: Magnetizing capacitor charging, DC power supply equipment, pressure testing, low-voltage DC power supply, glow tube power supply, and other uses.
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