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Christmas Tree Flash LED Electronic DIY Learning Kit

This circuit is composed of 16 LED (light emitting diode). The 16 LED divided into four groups, and each group has a different flashing frequencies, when four groups flashing LED lights together, just like Christmas tree, the circuit is powered by a 9V battery.

This circuit production advantages:
Simple and practical, low power consumption, and the circuits is use integrated to driving, fewer parts, the line is simple and easy to understand. External wiring of the kit, all with pluggable connector for easy replacement at any time and is conducive to the circuit debugging. Let us also deepen understanding of circuit theory in the debugging process.

This circuit is generated by circulating in the form of the oscillation circuit, the principle as follows:
1. After the first charge, the capacitor C1 & C4 charging is complete.
2. Capacitors C2 & C3 will continue to charge.
3. When the transistor Q1 & Q4 is turned on, at the same time, the capacitor C1 & C4 discharges.
4. The capacitor C2 & C3 is fully charged, the transistor Q1 & Q4 will be closure, while the capacitor C1 & C4 charging again.
5. The transistor Q2 & Q3 is turned on while the capacitor C2 & C3 will be discharged.

By analogy, the flash of speed is the oscillation frequency, and the frequency is determined by the resistor R & capacitance C values.
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