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Mini Pro TL866CS USB BIOS Universal Programmer Kit

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High speed program
All the chips do not need external power
40pins over-voltage protection
Lots of supported chips, serial, parallel and so on
Can test 74/54 CMOS4000 series integrated circuit
Support AVR SCM mass production of encrypt chip by using inner RC Calibration

Package included:
1 x TL866CS USB BIOS Universal Programmer
1 x USB Cable
1 x SOP8 to DIP8(150mil)
1 x SOP8 to DIP8(200 ~ 208mil)
1 x SOP28/SOP20/SOP16 to DIP28
1 x MSP/SSOP/SOP8-16 to DIP16
1 x SOP8/DIP8
1 x PLCC44 Adapter
1 x PLCC32 Adapter
1 x PLCC28 Adapter
1 x PLCC20 Adapter
1 x SOP8 Test Clip
1 x PLCC IC Clip
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