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E24 Electronic Fun Kit Bundle with Breadboard Cable Resisto

 Electronic Fun Kit Bundle with Breadboard Cable Resistor, Capacitor, LED, Potentiometer (235 Items)

  • This kit has all the component you need to start Arduino, Raspberry pi.
  • With more than 200pcs components.
  • With a precision potentiometer, better quality, power supply module and breadboard.
  • With jumper wire and F-M dupont wire.
  • NOT including the controller board.
Component listing:
1pcs Power Supply Module 
1pcs 400 tie-points Breadboard 
1pcs 65 Jumper Wire 
20pcs Female-to-male Dupont Wire 
1pcs Active Buzzer 
1pcs Passive Buzzer 
1pcs Precision Potentiometer 
1pcs IC 4N35 
1pcs IC 74HC595 
5pcs Diode Rectifier (1N4007) 
5pcs NPN Transistor (PN2222) 
2pcs Photoresistor 
1pcs Thermistor 
10pcs Button (small) 
10pcs White LED 
10pcs Yellow LED 
10pcs Blue LED 
10pcs Green LED 
10pcs Red LED 
1pcs RGB LED 
2pcs Pin header (40pin) 
10pcs 22pf Ceramic Capacitor 
10pcs 104 Ceramic Capacitor 
5pcs Electrolytic Capacitor (10UF 50V) 
5pcs Electrolytic Capacitor (100UF 50V) 
10pcs Resistor (10R) 
10pcs Resistor (100R) 
10pcs Res
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