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T37 Super starter kit for Arduino

Package included:
1x  UNO Board(Arduino UNO)
1x  ADXL345 Acceleration Sensor
1x  Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
1x  IR Receiver HX1838
1x  Remote Controller
1x  PS2 Joystick Module
1x  Relay
1x  Stepper Motor
1x  ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Module
1x  DHT-11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
1x  LED Bar Graph
1x  Active Buzzer
1x  Passive Buzzer
1x  PIR Movement Sensor
1x  Servo
2x  Analog Temperature Sensor(Thermistor)
1x  Breadboard Power Supply Module
1x  4*4 Matrix Keyboard
1x  DC Motor
1x  L9110 DC Motor Driver
1x  LCD1602
1x  Dot-matrix Display
1x  7-segment Display
1x  4-bit 7-segment Display
1x  NE555 Timer
2x  74HC595
2x  Light Sensor (Photoresistor)
2x  Tilt Switch
2x  Switch
1x  RGB LED   8x  Red LED   4x  Green LED  4x  Yellow LED  4x  Blue LED
16x Resistor(220Ω)  10x Resistor(1kΩ)  10x Resistor(10kΩ)   2x  Potentiometer(10KΩ)
5x  Capacitor(104)   4x  Capacitor(10uF)
4x  Button(large)  8x  Button(small)  1x  Button Cap(red)  1x  Button Cap(white)
2x  Button Cap(blue)  2x  NPN Transistor(8050)   2x  PNP Transistor(8550)
2x  1N4148 Diode  2x  1N4001 Diode
1x  Battery Holder  1x  Breadboard
1x  USB Cable
40x Male to Male Jumper Wires
20x Male to Female Jumper Wires
1x  Header(40pin)
1x  Band Resistor Card
1x  Project Box
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